Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Impossible Aerospace is bringing a drone response system to the market later this year, but such innovation won’t come without economic risk and lessons to be learned.

Later this year, public safety entities will have the opportunity to send roof-stationed drones to the scenes of 911 calls with a product called Impossible Air Support.

The product, which is developed by California-based company Impossible Aerospace, is a turnkey solution that will include aircraft, a command center, FAA compliance paperwork, training, software and hardware updates and more, as reported by Yahoo.

Impossible Aerospace CEO Spencer Gore, a former battery engineer for Tesla, said the technology package for more advanced drone missions will hit during the third quarter of 2020. The company has the hardware and software done, but will be testing and retesting every part of the system. Gore told Government Technology that he believes the technology has the potential to “make helicopters obsolete.”

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